Dock anti-collision marine fender board

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Dock anti-collision marine fender board

Dock anti-collision marine fender board

Fender side panels are mainly used in the terminal, port and other areas to do the terminal and port protection, mainly used to block the impact of the vessel on the dock, play a protective role, fender plywood mainly made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene , Due to its unique high impact resistance, impact resistance, and very low water absorption and high strength and resistance to aging, corrosion resistance, the use of a long time, destined, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene in the fender board applications. Ultra-high polyethylene sheet making fender board quality reliable design of the manufacturers can be used for several years or more time, of course, according to the specific circumstances of the terminal port to set.

Dock anti-collision marine fender board

UHMWPE Fender Face Pad Properties:

1.Abrasion resistance

2.High energy absorption

3.Impact resistance


5.Zero water absorption

6.Chemical resistance

7.Low coefficient of friction

8.Excellent temperature property

9.High tensile strength



Dock anti-collision marine fender board

1000×3000× (6 - 200 ) mm
1200×1200× (6 - 300) mm
1000×4000× ( 6 - 80 ) mm
1250×3100× (6 - 200) mm
2200×10000×(10-130) mm

Sizes can be customized cutting.UHMWPE/HDPE marine fender panel could be reprocess under customer's requirements.

Dock anti-collision marine fender board

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