UHMWPE/HDPE temporary road mat

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UHMWPE/HDPE temporary road mat

Product Name

UHMWPE/HDPE temporary road mat 

Product Color

Black, white, red, green, blue, yellow, etc




Product Size

Any customized size



10mm-100mm or customized



Self-lubricity, light weight, easy handling, high bearing, not easy to wear and corrosion, can withstand impact, good toughness, shock absorption, moistureproof, convenient laying, can be used repeatedly



In sand, muddy swamp, snow can pad under the wheel, play the role of increasing friction. Widely used in short-term and long-term project construction sites.

Now many construction sites choose paving board is polyethylene subgrade board, because polyethylene subgrade board is more suitable for construction sites than steel plate, compared with steel plate is more suitable for use in the lawn and other muddy road.

UHMWPE/HDPE temporary road mat

UHMWPE/HDPE temporary road mat

Application field of subgrade plate:  

1. Civil engineering and foundation work on construction site  

2. Pedestrian Bridges  

3. Emergency passage  

4. Temporary roads and parking lots  

5. Maintenance of public venues and infrastructure  

6, landscaping and protection of heritage or ecological reserves  

7. Maintenance of golf courses and sports fields  

8. Sports and leisure activities  

9. Drilling engineering  

10. Oil drilling  

11. Swamps, wet and muddy ground conditions and other emergency construction sites.  

UHMWPE/HDPE temporary road mat

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