PVC plastic sheet/board/plank/plate/panel

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PVC plastic sheet/board/plank/plate/panel


PVC plastic sheet/board/plank/plate/panel


1.PVC hard board light weight, heat insulation, heat preservation,

moistureproof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.  

2 PVC hard board stability, good dielectric properties, durable, anti-aging, easy to fuse and bonding.  

3.PVC hard board has smooth surface, bright color, rich decoration, and wide decoration application.  

4. Through kneading, mixing, pulling, cutting, extrusion or die-casting process PVC board, PVC plastic board is easy to process and shape, can meet the needs of various profile specifications.  

5. The construction process is simple and the installation is convenient.  

6 PVC plastic plate bending strength and impact toughness, high elongation when breaking.  PVC plate is widely used in chemical industry, electric ferry, electronics, food, decoration, medicine and other industries, such as chemical plastic container production and installation, equipment anti-corrosion processing and manufacturing, water treatment engineering.  

PVC plastic sheet/board/plank/plate/panel

Wide range of applications

Widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, electroplating, water purification equipment, environmental protection equipment, mining, extraction engineering, electronic circuit board, fireproof board template, free brick plate, sign making, cement board template, power equipment processing, building template and advertising decoration and other aspects

PVC plastic sheet/board/plank/plate/panel

PVC board special-shaped parts custom processing

PVC plastic sheet/board/plank/plate/panelPVC plastic sheet/board/plank/plate/panelPVC plastic sheet/board/plank/plate/panelPVC sheet, PVC coiled material, PVC matte white black series, PVC light white plastic sheet, PVC transparent single paste series, PVC transparent frosted sheet, PVC transparent sheet series, PVC printing plate sheet series, color PVC sheet and so on.  If you are interested in our products,please do not hesitate to contact with us. Our company can be customized to support. Please offer us the specification of the product, such as drawing,material, size, shape, color, etc. And e-mail us. we will make free samples for you.