Polypropylene PP sheet/board/plank/plate

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Polypropylene PP sheet/board/plank/plate

Polypropylene PP sheet/board/plank/plate

PP(POLYPROPYLENE) is light material with low moisture absorption, excellent impact strength, strong flexibility and good electrical insulation, non-toxic, tasteless, is one of the most environmentally friendly engineering plastic. Moreover, it could offer significant resistance to any chemical or acid. It’s easy to weld. But it’s very brittle at low temperature. Suitable for bending, welding & Machining(Cutting, sawing, turning, drilling, planing, milling, grinding & screwing)

Polypropylene PP sheet/board/plank/plate

The feature of the PP plastic sheet:


* Easy to weld using thermoplastic welding equipment

* Low moisture absorption

* Good chemical resistance

* Low cost

* Extremely tough (copolymer)

* Excellent aesthetic properties

* Easy to fabricate

* Lower density, heat resistance, non-deformation, high rigidity, high surface strength, good chemcial stability, excellent electric performance, non toxic, Uniform in color, smooth surface, flatness, easy for installation and maintenance, long service life, easy processing and strong weldment.

Polypropylene PP sheet/board/plank/plate

Applicable scenario: 


* Textile Industry

* Chemical industry

* Food processing industry

* Paper industry

* Material hanging

* Farm implement

* Mining &Metal processing

* Transportation

* Consumer products

* Waste water treatment

* Food and beverage light industry

* Sport and amusement industry

* Medicine field

Polypropylene PP sheet/board/plank/plate

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