Chopping board precautions

2017-04-05  From: Qingdao ZS Development Co., Ltd. Browsing times:367

The use of plastic chopping board, it is best not to cut hot cooked food, because the high temperature will accelerate the precipitation of harmful substances; after each use, flush with the best 50 to 60 DEG C hot water, wash immediately. While other boards should also be on the chopping, timely wash and wipe water, put up in the ventilation shaft or after washing, don't cling to the wall or flat, or the other side not to dry, easy to mildew and other pathogens. Wood and bamboo chopping board cut every day after a meal, it is best to disinfect the chopping board, you can use the following methods: laundry, washing boards with a stiff brush and clean water, and then blanched in boiling water, placed in the sun to dry, not to bacteria in the habitat; scraper leaching salt method, after each use (especially the chopping board chop the meat stuffing after), is scraping the surface of the food residue and residual juice, brushing with water, then add salt (concentration 15%) for 2 hours, then dry out, so that not only can kill bacteria, but also prevent the dry cutting board.

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