UHMWPE HDPE Plastic sheet for Aamphibious Excavator Track Shoes

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UHMWPE HDPE Plastic sheet for Aamphibious Excavator Track ShoesUHMWPE sheet for Aamphibious Excavator Track Shoes

Why UHMWPE track plates are the perfect fit for an amphibious excavator? Long lifespan for the track chain drive system due to the flexibility.

Minimum maintenance of the track plates.

Lighten and speedup the machines movement on swampy land and water.


UHMWPE track plate design is help the amphibious excavator work in harsh environments like water bogged soft grounds, swampy lands and shallow waterways.

UHMWPE sheet for Aamphibious Excavator Track Shoes

The UHMWPE as the amphibious track shoes have the following advantages:

1. Due to flexibility nature of the UHMWPE, the UHMWPE Track plates/shoes will bounce back to its original position while the Steel track plate will be bend easily if travelling over bigger rock stone.

2. Longer life span of the track chain due to the above.

3. Reduces the cost of maintenance in changing the track shoes and track chain which will be a great cost savings for the user in a long run.

Characteristics of UHMWPE material for amphibious excavator track shoes:

1. Very high-wear resistance,seven times wear resistance than steel,four times than PTFE

2. Very high anti-impact resistance,two times impact resistance than PC,five times than ABS.

3. Good self-lubrication,the same as PTFE,better than steel and brass appended lubricating oil.

4. Good anti-corrosion resistance,it has very stable chemicals property and can endure the corrosion of all kinds of corrosive medium and organic solvent in certain rang of temperature and humidity.

5. Very High Adhesion resistance,the surface of product hardly affixes other material.

6. Very high-impact resistance,ten times impact resistance than PA66,eight times than PTFE.

7. Good low temperature resistance,in liquefied nitrogen(-196oC),it still has the prolongation.Few other materials can reach to this performance.

8. Water-proof material.

UHMWPE sheet for Aamphibious Excavator Track Shoes

UHMWPE sheet for Aamphibious Excavator Track Shoes

Industrial application

Land clearing and remediation work at mining, plantation and swampy areas.

Clearing, deepening and widening of canals, river ways and water reservoirs.

Building bund, flood prevention and land reclamation.

Cultivate bund walls and water irrigation for poultry and agriculture.

Digging trenches for oil and gas piping installation.

Clearing obstacles at landslide and flood hit areas.

Wet land construction.

UHMWPE sheet for Aamphibious Excavator Track Shoes

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