UHMWPE Synthetic Ice Rink

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UHMWPE Synthetic Ice RinkUHMWPE Synthetic Ice Rink


Our skateboards are made of polyethylene, and a field can be spliced together. Our regular size is generally 1000 * 2000 * 15 mm plate, we can also customize the size and thickness according to your requirements. At the same time, we also provide fencing and other supplies. 

UHMWPE Synthetic Ice Rink


1.impact resistance

2.wear resistance


4.chemical stability

5.electric insulation



8.environmental protection material


UHMWPE Synthetic Ice Rink


Products can be installed in homes, playgrounds, parks, kindergartens, schools and gyms and other places to improve physical fitness and help training personnel training. 

UHMWPE Synthetic Ice Rink

If you are interested in our products,please do not hesitate to contact with us. Our company can be customized to support. Please offer us the specification of the product, such as drawing,material, size, shape, color, etc. And e-mail us. we will make free samples for you.