UHMWPE Truck liner sheet

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UHMWPE Truck liner sheet

UHMWPE Truck liner sheet


UHMWPE dump truck bed liner is the best solution to solve various problems such as bonding the car, unloading, freezing at low temperature, and corroding the steel plate of the car in various transportation processes. good lubricity and does not adhere. No water absorption, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good toughness, impact resistance and so on.UHMWPE Truck liner sheet

UHMWPE Truck liner sheet


1.low temperature resistance

2.wear resistance

3.impact resistance

4.corrosion resistance




UHMWPE Truck liner sheet


Mining Liners for:
Conveyors, Truck beds, Dragline buckets, Shovels, Front loading buckets, Scrapers, Excavator buckets.

Coal Preparation Liners for:
Chutes, Hoppers, Bunkers, Launderer parts, Conveyor skirting, Conveyor troughs, Coal and Ore.

Dump truck lining, Ship Hold Liners, Rail car liners, Conveyor liners.

Bulk Material Handling:
Grain, Coal, Sand, Gravel, Urea Phosphates, Wood Chips, Kaolin Powder, Soap Powder, Dry Fertilizer, Foundry Sand, Soda Ash, Gypsum Barite, Dry Cement, Chemical Powder, Fly Ash & Bottom Ash.

UHMWPE Truck liner sheet

四、Our products can be customized according to your drawings, such as size, thickness, color, etc. If you are interested in our product,welcome to inquire.

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