Portable Ground Protection Mats

2020-08-25  From: Qingdao ZS Development Co., Ltd. Browsing times:910

ZS temporary road mats are made of high polymer plastic material. 

They are used to protect the surface and to keep the soft or wet subsoils accessible. 

Plastic ground protection mats are increasingly being used instead of steel, 

especially in applications where a lighter load occurs, or where the use of steel plates 

causes great damage. Thanks to its low weight, the mats can easily be laid by two people 

without any equipment.

ZS ground mats Advantages:

1.Protects ground.

2.Easy installation on uneven ground.

3.Heavy duty road mat providing temporary road ways and tough durable working areas.

4.Less costs than aluminium and wooden mats.

5.Made of long-lasting composite HDPE that can flex without breaking-superior to plywood.

6.Suitable for extreme weather conditions and most ground conditions.

7.Low maintenance.

8.Extremely durable,Weather-proof and UV resistant.

ground protection mats

ground protection mats