New football training products

2019-11-25  From: Qingdao ZS Development Co., Ltd. Browsing times:320

As you all know, our star product is football rebound board. For this reason, we have added some related products to meet the various needs of our customers. 

training products

1、Agility Ladder

training products

The agile ladder is also called the speed ladder. Take the rope ladder or rope ladder placed on the ground as the object to carry out an activity or game similar to jumping a house. 

2、Training Belt

training products

The kick bag is a must for football training. It has good elasticity, comfortable wearing and can meet the requirements of different trainers. 

3.  Parachute

training products

Function: resistance training, improve explosive power, speed and core strength

1. The umbrella surface providing resistance can be adjusted so as to provide different needs for different individuals

2. The umbrella body is light and equipped with an outer bag for easy carrying.

3. Athletes with good level can wear more than 2 resistance umbrellas for training at the same time.

4. 5-15kg resistance can be provided according to different speed.

5. Adjustable waistband is suitable for users of various body shapes.


training products

5、Number Folding Board

training products

6、Tactic Board

training products

7、Number Markers

training products

The above products are some of our new products recently. If you are interested in our products, welcome to inquire.

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