May new colorful plastic cutting board promotion, Welcome to order!!!

2019-05-13  From: Qingdao ZS Development Co., Ltd. Browsing times:413

May new colorful plastic cutting board promotion

In May, we will introduce a plastic cutting board that is made with anti-slip and non-absorbent properties. The double-layer and double-color are bright spots. Both sides can be used. You can cut the other side of the vegetables and cut the meat. Value, new product listing price. Waiting for you to choose!

Below is our product picture:

new plastic cutting board


new plastic cutting board* High grade plastic-material

* Neutral in taste

* Non-toxic

* No harm to cutting-instruments

* No absorption of liquid

* Easy to clean

* Suitable for dish-washers

* Unbreakable

* Environment friendly


1. Meat processing

2. Food processing

3. Aquatic product processing

4. Supermarket

5. Hotel and etc,

because of its excellent overall performance. Meantime, they becomes excellent choices for family use.

Welcome to order!!!